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MAY 13, 2022

Northshore Safety Seminar (FREE REGISTRATION), SMC June Courtesy Inspection, Capitol Corner, 22-23 Officer Results, Leadership Update, CVSA Webinar & more.


May 6, 2022

Disney Vacation Raffle, Capitol Corner, SB 277 Support Letter, Officer Election - Closing Today, LMTA Insurance Management   & more.


APRIL 29, 2022

Disney Vacation Raffle, LMTA in the News, Northshore Compliance Seminar, National Police Week Fundraiser, Capitol Corner, Officer Election & more.


APRIL 22, 2022

2022 Seafood Gala Info, LMTA in the News, Capitol Corner, Northshore Compliance Seminar, Mississippi River Bridge Town Hall Info, National Police Week, & more.


2022 Membership Directory


LMTA's online Membership Directory is a membership benefit. Please note that this link is password protected, contact the LMTA office to verify your membership & receive your password.

LMTA Webinars


Applying for LWC Funding for Training Programs: The LMTA is working with the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) to bring training programs to our member companies. In the webinar, we break down what training programs can be funded, as well as walk us through the application and funding process.


  • Louisiana DEQ Regulations for Truckers: Drivers in the trucking industry are regulated by many government agencies, especially when it comes to an accidental spill or hazmat related incident. When it happens, do you know exactly who you are supposed to call? State Police, DEQ, or another agency? Find out!


  • More Resources

    2021 Louisiana Trucking Fast Facts

    The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has shared its 2021 Louisiana Trucking Fast Facts with the LMTA. This flyer provides state-specific information on our state's economic impact, safety focus and tax contribution. This is a great resource for all in our industry and we encourage our members to share this information with throughout their companies and with lawmakers.


    View & Download LA Fast Facts

    Truckers Against Trafficking Certification

    Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) is a nonprofit organization that trains truck drivers to recognize and report instances of human trafficking. This national organization formed in Oklahoma, United States in 2009 and teaches truck drivers about the results of human trafficking.

    TAT produces anti-trafficking materials which are commonly seen throughout the trucking industry. They have teamed up with law enforcement agencies and trucking companies to provide training on identifying sex trafficking, and some companies require their drivers to go through it. Through their efforts, they have freed hundreds of human trafficking victims.

    According to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, the majority of truck drivers who report tips learned about them through TAT.

    View & Certification & Training Courses

    Louisiana Department of Insurance Consumer Complaint Form

    We would like to share the Louisiana Department Insurance (LDI) form as a procedure for truckers, and others, who have cameras in their vehicles to be able to file reports when involved in an incident. While we hope it is never applicable for members, it is a useful resource to combat insurance fraud for all in our industry.

    View LDI Complaint Form