2022 Trucking Safety Awards

The LMTA in partnership with Great West Casualty Company and the LMTA Foundation are proud to offer the following awards programs to those throughout Louisiana's trucking industry. These awards are dedicated to safety professionals and professional drivers for improving safety and the image of our industry every day.

Please see each award's specific form for details and notes of consideration. Awards will be presented during the 2022 Louisiana Truck Driving Championships Awards Banquet. Please plan to have a representative from your company or selected nominee attend.


The deadline for entries is Tuesday February 8, 2022.
If you have question, please contact Communications Coordinator Allison Strahan (225) 928-5682 or allison@lmta.la.

Awards Venue:

L'Auberge Baton Rouge
777 L'Auberge Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA 70820


The LMTA has reserved a special rate for contestants, only available by phone.

For hotel reservations, we ask that you directly call the L'Auberge Hotel at 866-261-7777 to secure your room

Group Code: RLMTA22


Presented by: Great West Casualty Company

The Fleet Safety Awards are an annual recognition for carriers operating in the State of Louisiana with the best safety record in its class. This is an opportunity to reward the professional efforts of our trucking members who help make our state’s highways safe. Also, this award offers you a chance to let your drivers know the importance of their contribution to your company’s safety accomplishments. This competition stresses the importance of safety, recognizes professionalism, and focuses on principles behind safety driving.

  1. Download and save the 2022 Fleet Safety Awards Application
  2. Complete the form, saving it with the companies name (ex. ABC Trucking)
  3. Upload and enter the requested information to the form uploader

Rules & Reporting Requirements

  • A separate report must be filed for each division representing a different type of service performed within the state.
  • A plaque or other suitable recognition will be awarded for the lowest accident frequency ratio in each of the divisions.
  • A panel of judges selected by the LMTA Safety Management Council shall judge all entries and determine all winners. A special award of “Most Improved,” may be awarded to selected applicant(s) for their recorded improvements in fleet safety.
  • In addition, the panel will select a “Grand Champion,” who will be awarded a 92% lead crystal truck mounted on a walnut base. This awards considers the following factors: Accident Frequency, Overall Safety Program, Year-end Accident Results, Improvement in Safety Record.

2022 Louisiana Fleet Safety Awards Form 


Presented by: LMTA Foundation

Safety Professional of the Year is awarded to a deserving person responsible for supervising the safety activities of a truck fleet. This person is of high moral character and has devoted his/her career to the field of highway and industrial safety. The Safety Professional Information Form must be filled out completely and the nomination should be supported by information regarding the nominee’s experience, training, activities, recognition and achievements. Fleet information pertaining to the type of fleet, safety program and safety records should also be included. Emphasis should be placed on the most recent years.


In addition, all nominations must comply with the following rules:
  • Any person responsible for supervising truck safety activities is eligible.
  • Judging with be based on professional achievements, success in advancing highway and industrial safety within the fleet, relationship and cooperation with government officials, and methods of meeting and solving safety problems facing the nominee’s fleet.

2022 Safety Professional of the Year Form 


Presented by: LMTA Foundation

A driver may be nominated for a long record of safe and courteous driving, an outstanding deed of heroism or highway courtesy, and/or for an outstanding contribution to highway safety. It is preferable that the driving record be used in conjunction with one of the other acts mentioned.

2022 Louisiana Driver of the Year Form