Truck Driver Information Form


Please fill out the following form if you are participating in the annual Truck Driving Championship. When the form is completed, please provide a copy of your MVR, a recent 2 x 3 (or larger) headshot and shoulder photograph with a copy of your CDL via email at lmta@lmta.la with the subject line: "TDC Driver Information 2020 - insert Driver Name here."

***IMPORTANT: Please have all information available when submitting the form. You will not be able to edit once the form has been submitted.***

***You must submit a separate form for each driver. Please use the order number you received when completing the online registration.***

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In consideration of my being permitted to participate in the ATA's National and/or its affiliates' Truck Driving Championships (TDC) or Step Van Driving Championship (SVDC) and be eligible for awards offered to participants, I hereby stipulate and agree to the following:

1. I acknowledge that I am not in the employ of ATA or a State Trucking Association.

2. Both as to myself and my heirs and personal representatives, I release ATA, its directors, employees, agents and/or any of its affiliates and the LMTA, its directors, employees, agents and/or any of its affiliates from any and all liability and any right of action that may arise from any damage or injury which I may receive while attending or participating in said State or National TDC or National SVDC.

3. I grant the LMTA and ATA and its designated agencies exclusive right to make use of information about myself and of photographs supplied with this entry form, along with photographs subsequently taken under ATA's direction, in publicity and advertising activities. I further agree to make myself available for publicity enterprises arranged by ATA, with newspaper and magazine writers and radio and television personnel.

4. I grant the LMTA and ATA the right to exam my CDL and MVR for the purposes of determining my eligibility to compete at both the State and National TDC or SVDC.

5. I will be bound by all orders, rules and regulations governing ATA's National and/or its affiliates' TDC or SVDC while participating in said competitions.


I certify that during the 12 months prior to the 2020 TDC:

1. I have been continuously employed as a truck or step van driver by my present employer [exception: 11 of 12 months if previous employer went out of business and all other eligibility requirements are met]; and

2. I have driven and performed the regular duties of a truck driver or step van driver for at least 11 of the 12 months, and that my regular duties of a truck driver or step van driver constituted not less than 60% of my work hours and at least 1200 hours annually.

3. I have not been involved in a fleet motor vehicle or motor carrier vehicle accident in the course of such employment.

4. I have the proper class Commercial Driver's License (if a SVDC applicant, not required), plus required endorsement(s) for the class of competition indicated above.

5. That I hold a CDL from or have been occupationally domiciled in the state of Louisiana. Occupational domiciled means the terminal, garage or other operating base from which the driver normally and usually works and/or is supervised.

6. That the class of competition I am entering in 2020 is not a class in which I won at the state or regional TDC and/or competed at the National TDC in 2016 and 2017 or 2015 and 2016; or if I am entering the step van class, I did not win the state or regional TDC and/or compete at the National SVDC in the step van class in 2016 and 2017. I understand that after winning two consecutive years at the State TDC and/or competing two consecutive years at the Nationals in that same class of competition, I am not eligible to compete in that same class for one year if a step van competitor and two years if a competitor in any other class.

7. I further certify that I have not received any form of pay, bonus, prize or other consideration for time spent in practice as set forth in the ATA Truck Driving Championships Rules and Procedures, State and National.

8. I agree that if I complete and win the State TDC, that I will compete at the National TDC or SVDC (as applicable), unless disqualified or am detained due to a medical emergency, in which case I will notify the applicable State Trucking Association immediately.

9. I acknowledge that any misstatement made with respect to my eligibility for the TDC or SVDC competition may result in the forfeiture of my right to compete or in my disqualification from said competition.


I agree that during the event or any activities associated with the event, I will abide by a professional code of conduct outline by the LMTA. I will not engage in conversations that could be interpreted as job inquiries, including the prospect of working for a different company, wages, benefits, or any other employment advantages. I further agree that I will report violations of this conduct immediately to a member of the LMTA staff or the volunteer in charge of the event.