NATMI Certification

Hosted by LMTA's Safety Management Council

North America's leading certification and training organization for today's transportation professionals 

The North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI) exists to improve the performance and productivity of the professionals directly responsible for effective fleet and driver performance – Safety Directors, Maintenance Managers, and Commercial Driver Trainers.

Through its training and professional certification programs, NATMI helps transportation professionals develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to:

  • reduce vehicle accidents
  • reduce employee injuries
  • control costs associated with vehicle maintenance
  • recruit and retain qualified drivers
  • avoid fines through proper regulatory compliance, and
  • present a favorable public image

The investment required to participate in NATMI professional development programs is minimal in comparison to the savings a company can realize through improved operations.


Steps to Certification:

  1. Meet the experience requirement,
  2. Complete the required training
  3. Pass a certification examination, and
  4. Complete an online submission documenting work background and performance

Please review Certification Guidebook for details on the process. The breakdown of requirements for each of NATMI's certifications can be viewed here.



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September NATMI Course

September 12 - 16, 2022

Certified Director of Safety (CDS) & Certified Safety Supervisor (CSS) Certification

The LMTA Safety Management Council will host a five day NATMI certification course September 12 - 16, 2022 at the LMTA office. This course will offer certification for both the Certified Director of Safety (CDS) and the Certified Safety Supervisor (CSS) with the certification exam taking place Friday, September 16 following the course. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST REGISTER THROUGH NATMI USING THE LINK BELOW TO ATTEND. 



Our guest instructor will be Dr. David Guess, the Chief Financial Officer and Executive VP for Usher Transport, Inc. of Louisville, KY. Spanning a 30 year career in trucking his areas of expertise reside in safety, risk management and finance. He has held leadership roles in the National Tank Truck Carriers Association Safety Council, the ATA Safety Council as well as having served for more than 18 years as the Academic Advisory Board Chairman for NATMI.

Dr. Guess serves as an adjunct professor for two local colleges in the Louisville Metro area teaching business and HR courses. A member of the Kentucky Trucking Association for 25 years, having served as Chairman of the Board as well as Safety Management Council Chair, Dr. Guess has taught numerous NATMI courses since 2002 training and coaching many safety, maintenance and HR professionals.


Registration through NATMI is REQUIRED to attend, please register before the Sept. 4, 2022 deadline.

If you have questions about this event, please contact Communications Director Allison Strahan (225) 928-5682 or allison@lmta.la.


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