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Texas Travel Ban Update | COVID-19 Update

LMTA Executive Director Discusses Updates & Changes to Texas Travel Restrictions


Dear Members,

Texas has changed courses and is no longer requiring approval for essential workers, as previously established by US Homeland Security. An earlier article stated you should go and apply online for exemption status, but that has been changed. Our industry is essential - as determined by the US government - and Texas is honoring that now. At this point, Texas is only requiring those who do not meet the federal essential status to apply for and justify the ability to cross state lines. While it may or may not be necessary, LMTA has created a form you are welcome to print, fill out and send with your employees. Click here to access the form. Please contact me with any questions.

On a somewhat separate note, things appear to be worsening in Louisiana right now. Please call on your team at LMTA as needed and do your best to stay safe and healthy.


Chance McNeely
LMTA Executive Director