Advocacy is what we do!

Arguably, the most important reason for a trade association to exist, is to effect public policy. We have two governmental affairs professionals who are watching out for your interests every day. We represent you, so you can run your business. The more voices we have as members, the bigger our voice is at the legislature and before the regulatory community. We are proud to consider ourselves...the Voice of the Trucking Industry.

Each year, LMTA has championed the cause of the trucking industry. And we plan to keep protecting the industry for many years to come. While we know your time is limited, we do invite you to join the effort. Please consider coming to a Government Affairs Committee meeting and definitely look for our "Truck Talk" newsletters during the legislative session. These are a great way to keep informed and will help you know which legislators to call. 

Since 1939, we have stood strong for this industry on many issues like:

  • Industry deregulation
  • Anti-Indemnification
  • Truck lane restrictions
  • Waste tire fees
  • Permit changes
  • Speed differentials
  • Fuel taxes, 
  • Business taxes, 
  • Sales taxes and 
  • More taxes

Please take some time to learn about our efforts on your behalf and consider joining TransPAC, too.

LMTA members who attended our "Truck Day at the Capitol" were honored with a congratulatory resolution on the Louisiana Senate floor.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards address LMTA members at "Truck Day at the Capitol." During his address, he presented the LMTA with a signed proclamation proclaiming the day "Truck Day in Louisiana!"


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