LMTA President David Newman and his wife Sharon at the 2019 LMTA Annual Convention in Miramar Beach, FL.

David Newman / LMTA President

Greetings from someone who has been in trucking for over 35 years. I am the little guy who started with one truck and a cell phone, who saw a need for a transportation company that was reliable, honest, and dependable. I am a guy who truly loves trucks, drives trucks, owns trucks, works on trucks, and dispatches trucks. A guy who provides a great place for many other like-minded people to work and support their families.

Hello, I’m David Newman, your 2019-2020 LMTA President. In the years I have been involved in the LMTA, I have participated in courtesy truck inspections working with our State Police and Public Service Commission officers, which has led to a better understanding of each other’s perspectives. I have competed in and now help to judge our State Truck Driving championship. I have attended our Day at the State Capitol and Call on Washington to meet our officials so that we know our opinions are heard. I’ve partaken in the association sponsored seminars, networked with my industry partners, and learned the latest techniques on how to better manage my business. And, I enjoy getting to know everyone at the LMTA events, such as the Seafood Gala and Annual Convention.

As your President, I plan to work closely with our new executive director, Chance McNeely, to continue our fight on tort reform at the legislature, govern billboards in our State, and work against erroneous insurance claims.

If you are one of our current members, thank you for your support. I encourage you to get involved within LMTA. If you are not a member and think you are just a little guy who can’t make a difference, I ask that you join me and all of our trucking professionals and industry allied members to get involved in Louisiana’s Voice for Trucking.

Keep on Trucking,
David Newman
2019-2020 LMTA President