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Thursday, April 4, 2019



Baton Rouge, LA – Awards were presented to winners of the 29th Annual Truck Driving Championships (TDC) in Louisiana during the Safety Awards Banquet following the event on Saturday, Mar. 30. The championships, hosted by the Louisiana Motor Transport Association (LMTA), took place at Blue Bayou Waterpark and the awards were announced at the Renaissance Hotel in Baton Rouge.  


“I would like to thank everyone involved with helping the LMTA put on this event,” said Safety Management Council (SMC) Chairman Scotty Reynolds of Dupre’ Logistics. “The trucking industry in Louisiana comes together like its own community each year to promote safety among drivers.”  


This years’ competition involved a total of 104 drivers divided into the following classes: 


Straight Truck 

Three-Axle Van 

Four-Axle Van 

Five-Axle Van 

Five-Axle Flatbed 

Five-Axle Tank 

Twin Trailers 

Sleeper Berth  

Step Van 


Participating trucking companies were AAA Cooper Transportation, C&S Wholesale Grocers, Dupre’ Logistics, Ergon Trucking, FedEx Express, FedEx Freight, FedEx Ground, O’Neal Gas, Lake City Trucking, Martin Brower, Newman Transport, Old Dominion Freight Line, UPS, Walmart Stores, XPO Logistics, and YRC Worldwide. 


“It is nice to get all the companies together as one to help each other out,” said SMC Vice Chairman and TDC hostler Ricky Lopez of AAA Cooper Transportation. “The drivers are learning more about what they already know to become even better at what they do.” 


Grand Champion – Eric Courville of FedEx Freight 

Making this his second year in a row as Grand Champion, Eric Courville earned the overall highest score. Courville competed in the 3-Axle class and finished with a score of 391. An employee of FedEx Freight for 25 years, Courville holds a record of 24 years with no accidents with a lifetime of 1,175,000 safe driving miles.  


Courville’s prior awards and recognitions include being a FedEx ACE Driver, a FedEx President’s Safety Team Member, 1998 LMTA Rookie of the Year, 2008 LMTA Best Pre-Trip, 7 times Grand Champion, 2018 National TDC 3-Axle Champion, and 2018 National TDC Highest Written Exam. Courville has participated in a total of 17 Louisiana TDCs and 23 National TDCs.  


Courville is married to Missy and together they have 2 sons: Eric, 17 and Ethan, 15. 


Team Trophy – XPO Logistics 

The Team Trophy Award was presented to XPO Logistics with the best average score for a total of 8 drivers: Curtis McMellon, Brad Wederstrandt, Steve Logan, Jerry Farmer, Faron Hebert, Leroy Williams, Lawrence Francis, Damian Hebert. 


Mechanics Award – Chad Rudesill of FedEx Ground 

Chad Rudesill, FedEx Ground, won the 2019 Mechanics Award for best pre-trip inspection. Rudesill, a FedEx Ground employee of 8.5 years, competed in the Sleeper class with a final score of 304. He has an 11.5-year no-accident record with a lifetime of 1,045,110 safe driving miles.  


Rudesill has competed in seven state TDCs and three national TDCs. He and his wife Andria have three young children. 


Rookie of the Year – Herman Hutto of Old Dominion Freight Line 

The highest score of a first-time participant in the state TDC went to Herman Hutto of Old Dominion Freight Line. Hutto, an employee of his current company for 2 years, earned a total score of 276 in the 3-Axle class. He has a record of 21 years with no accidents and a lifetime of 1,000,000 safe driving miles.  


Hutto and his wife, Markie, have three daughters: Kirsten, 19, MacKenzie, 19, and Paige, 16. 


Driver of the Year – John St. Pierre of C&S Wholesale Services 

John St. Pierre of C&S Wholesale Services was named 2019 Driver of the Year for his readiness to stop for customers, employees or even anyone on the side of the road who might need his assistance. 


St. Pierre has driven for his current company for 25 years and has gone 24 years without an accident. He has exhibited excellent safety and customer service skills at C&S Wholesale Services. 


St. Pierre and his wife, Denise have two children together.  


Safety Professional of Year – Terry Hunter of United Vision Logistics 

The 2019 Safety Professional of the Year award was presented to Terry Hunter of United Vision Logistics, who has worked in the trucking industry for 19 years.  


His track record, reputation with drivers, demonstrated knowledge of regulations, and outstanding customer relationships led to his promotion to Regional Safety Manager in 2014 to manage one of his company’s busiest regions.  


Hunter has spent the past 9 years working for United Vision Logistics, and has been deemed “good people” by his Safety Personnel Manager. He is married to Aline, and they have four children. 


Trooper of the Year – Louis “Reggie” Smith of Louisiana State Police 

The 2019 Trooper of the Year award was presented to Master Trooper and U.S. Army Veteran Reggie Smith of LSP. Smith is described by peers as an exemplary trooper and motor carrier safety inspector who is well respected. 


In the past year, Smith conducted 689 vehicle inspections resulting in 955 driver and safety violations, and 43 compliance review investigations resulting in 26 violations and 18 prosecutions. Since becoming a certified inspector in 2004, Smith has conducted over 13,000 roadside commercial motor vehicle inspections. 


Weight Enforcement Trooper of the Year – Williams Hughes of Louisiana State Police 

The 2019 Weight Enforcement Officer of the Year, Master Trooper William Hughes, is known for being a hard worker who is dedicated to his job focusing on weight enforcement and motor carrier safety. 


In 2018, he weighed 323 vehicles with portable scales, cited 217 overweight violations, cited 600 motor carrier violations and 66 driver violations, and placed 195 vehicles out of service as well as 27 drivers out of service. 


Fleet Safety Awards:

President's Trophy - Texas TransEastern (1,000,001 - 3,000,000 Miles

Most Improved - O'Neal Gas

Under 1,000,000 Miles - American Moving & Storage

1,000,001 - 3,000,000 Miles - Groendyke Transport


Championships Awards by Class 


3-Axle Winners and Final Scores 

1st Place: Eric Courville – FedEx Freight (391)  

2nd Place: Herman Hutto – Old Dominion Freight Line (276) 

3rd Place: Donald Drell – FedEx Freight (185) 


4-Axle Winners and Final Scores 

1st Place: Brain Landry – FedEx Freight (354) 

2nd Place: Glen Winston – C&S Wholesale Services (302) 

3rd Place: Corey Mitchell – FedEx Freight (253) 


5-Axle Winners and Final Scores 

1st Place: Joseph Vital – FedEx Freight (238)  

2nd Place: Larry Peltier – Martin Brower (213) 

3rd Place: Thomas Robertson, Sr. – C&S Wholesale Services (184) 



Flatbed Winners and Final Scores 

1st Place: Joseph Brown – FedEx Freight (245) 

2nd Place: Warren Little – FedEx Freight (192) 

3rd Place: Louis Scaruffi – C&S Wholesale Services (188) 


Sleeper Berth Winners and Final Scores 

1st Place: Chad Rudesill – FedEx Ground (304) 

2nd Place: Robert Williams – Walmart Stores (213) 

3rd Place: James Taylor – FedEx Freight (118) 


Straight Truck Winners and Final Scores 

1st Place: Leroy Williams – XPO Logistics (252) 

2nd Place: David Walker – O’Neal Gas (202) 

3rd Place: Jeffery Trim – FedEx Ground (183) 


Tank Truck Winners and Final Scores 

1st Place: Curtis McMellon – XPO Logistics (284) 

2nd Place: Kyle Mitchell – FedEx Freight (272) 

3rd Place: Peter Boulay – FedEx Freight (260) 


Twin Trailer Winners and Final Scores 

1st Place: Damian Hebert – XPO Logistics (361) 

2nd Place: Dennis Jameson – FedEx Freight (307) 

3rd Place: Joseph Cook – Old Dominion Freight Line (287)  


Step Van Winners and Final Scores 

1st Place: Donald Williams – FedEx Ground (311) 

2nd Place: Andrea Nixon – FedEx Ground (297)  

3rd Place: Warren Farrell – FedEx Freight (165)  


The Louisiana Truck Driving Championships are brought to you by the Louisiana Motor Transport Association. To learn more about the LMTA and its events, please visit www.lmta.la. Contact the LMTA office at lmta@lmta.la or (225) 928-5682. 




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