Our Members are Our Strength.

LMTA thrives when members participate. We strongly encourage each member to get involved and offer a number of different opportunities - one of which is sure to interest you!

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The foundation of any trade association is its ability to protect its members before the legislative and regulatory communities. LMTA takes pride in what we have accomplished over the years and invites each member to take part in our Governmental Affairs Committee. This committee meets as needed and has a heavier workload in the Spring when the Legislature is most active in Louisiana. Its purpose is to review and establish positions/actions on all legislation and regulatory decisions that pertain to trucking and the business of trucking. This committee also leads any efforts in drafting legislation or regulatory responses on which LMTA takes point.
Our Convention and Events Committee is all about fun! If you love the social/networking aspect of organizations, this committee is for you. With several major events throughout the year, you will have plenty of opportunity to get involved with planning and executing each function. This committee tries to meet at least once a month, but it does meet more often as an event nears.
Our strength is in numbers. If you have contacts in the trucking industry, we need you. This committee works on growing the membership, developing engagement plans to involve the existing members and helping LMTA staff retain existing members.
Our members are all about safety! We want our drivers to come home safely to their family and friends. Easily, one of the most active and involved committees in our organization, the Safety Management Council is a distinguished group of safety professionals that strive to promote safety on the highways and enhance the public concept of the trucking industry. One of the Council’s most effective programs is the Cooperative Safety Patrol Observation program. Council members work very closely with state officials such as the Louisiana State Police, Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in conducting monthly courtesy vehicle inspections. One of the largest and most important events sponsored by the Council is the Annual Truck Driving Championships. If you're interested in participating, click here to learn more.
Members of this committee have all completed the Leadership LMTA program. Their goal is to identify and develop future LMTA leaders. As a group, they chose to develop this Council and pay dues to participate. Truly comprised of LMTA's up-and-coming leaders, they continue to further their involvement in LMTA and are committed to a number of industry objectives.
As LMTA Presidents leave their Board Position, they are automatically granted membership on the Council of Past Presidents, giving LMTA a permanent connection to the experience and guidance of those who "have been there." They meet as needed and focus on the continued overall health of the Association.
This committee's primary purpose is to develop meaningful education and training programs of Association members. It is currently undergoing a forward looking transformation. We are excited at the new and emerging efforts under discussion and look forward to announcing new programs.
The Maintenance Council exists to benefit maintenance professionals within the trucking industry. They are charged with promoting best practices in maintenance and educating members on new technologies.