LMTA Membership Basics

Below is a "snap-shot" of our membership types. To join, please click on any of the "Join Now" or "Join As" Buttons.

  Louisiana Domiciled   Motor Carrier

  • $350 for the 1st 10 units
  • $20/unit over 10
Maximum dues of $4,000

Non-Louisiana Domiciled Motor Carrier

  • Based on Miles driven in LA
  • Minimum of $350
Maximum of $4,000

Allied Industry

  • Service Industry Companies
  • Brokers & Shippers
Professional Providers

Owner-Operators and Individuals

  • Owner-Operators
  • Single Truck Companies
Retirees & People who love TRUCKS!


Membership in LMTA

"Membership in LMTA is a must have, must do if you have any interest in trucking in Louisiana. It's also one of the very best values for what you get. You will never believe what you learn and who you meet until you join. I'll tell you for the money, there is no better value of any other membership group I'm a part of today." 

Mr. Pat Hay, President, Hay Brothers, Inc., Lake Charles

$ 200  


LMTA's Political Action Committee is also open for membership. We encourage your support and hope you will add a contribution to help us ensure business friendly candidates are successful.

Safety Management Council

A distinguished group of safety professionals who are very active in promoting the welfare and safety of the motor carrier industry. Learn More.
$ 200  

Education Foundation

Look for more information soon.

Ready to join?

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