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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Update: Ports of America Louisiana Withdraw Terminal Port Modernization Fee

Monday, June 28 Ports of America posted a terminal message notice announcing the withdrawal of their planned "Terminal Modernization Fee" for the New Orleans Terminal (NOT).

"Over the past several months, Ports America Louisiana, L.L.C. has made significant progress with the Port of New Orleans regarding the modernization of our terminal. Our focus has been ensuring that our Napoleon Ave Marine Terminal upgrades will meet the demands of our ever evolving industry," the message states. "Recent developments have negated the need to apply a fee that was initially communicated on March 30, 2021. Therefore, Ports America Louisiana, L.L.C. is withdrawing the Terminal Modernization Fee"

The Napoleon Avenue terminal modernization fees were originally announced in the beginning of the year, with a planned implementation of May 3, 2021. On February 2, 2021 the LMTA published an open letter to the Port of New Orleans. LMTA Executive Director Renee Amar expressed the industry's concerns with the fees as well as the lack of notice and direction surrounding the modernization plans.