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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

FMCSA Service Hour Waiver & DOTD Size and Weight Suspension

Below are notices from the Louisiana DOTD, waiving weight restrictions, and FMCSA, waiving service hours. Both are in response to emergency conditions created by Hurricane Laura and Tropical Storm Marco. Please use the links below for the full orders: 

Louisiana DOTD Weight Restrictions waived: 

Please see DOTD Emergency Order that includes suspension of size and weight restrictions: 

Click here for the full emergency order 

SECTION 1: With respect to commercial motor carriers traveling on public highways of the State of Louisiana for the purpose of emergency preparedness and disaster relief efforts, the provisions of Louisiana Revised Statute 32:386 (A) is hereby suspended and the following size and weight restrictions for such vehicles shall be as follows: 

A. The total gross weight of any vehicle or combination of vehicles shall not exceed eighty-eight thousand pounds. 

FMCSA Truckers Service Hours waived: 

Requirements on truckers’ service hours were temporarily waived for those providing assistance in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas 

Click here for the full emergency declaration


As Hurricane Laura approaches our state, we hope everyone, especially those in West Louisiana, remain safe!