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Let's Play Some Golf!

A Letter from Tournament Director, Tim Ordoyne


Alright let me start with that and see where I finish! I just can’t believe we still have 20 spots left for golfers to get 72 golfers to play in Louisiana and at such a beautiful venue as Squire Creek Country Club.

Here is a challenge: Call your neighbors, cousins, co-workers, in-laws, out-laws, church members, Pastors, Nuns, banker, insurance agent, grocery store clerk, policeman or women. How about a politician or a statistician a Jr league player and their friends, you get the gist but dang it lets fill this thing up. I’m willing to open it up to the public if need be.

We still need 3 Hole Sponsors as well. So we can have a sponsor at each hole. Hole sponsor is 150.00 dollars. I need to fill these by tomorrow to be able to have the signs printed in time. We also have 30 tickets for Sunday night Dinner/Social still available. Call someone running for office or running for their life. We need as many members to be there as possible. (COME ON MEMBERS) Get off the pot or the fence and come hang out for a few hours.

Also we will be installing the Newly Elected Officers at the Dinner on Sunday Night! Please plan to attend this important event!

To be reminded LMTA is in survival mode right now and we NEED your support more than ever. I am asking everyone to please if you haven’t already PLEASE COMMIT TO THIS FUNDRAISING EVENT NOW!!!!!!!

I understand the times we are in with Covid running wild. If you or your family is at risk I understand. Please understand I am fighting for LMTA to get through the year.

Thanks as always!

Tim Ordoyne,
2020 Bill Clark Memorial Golf Tournament Director