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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Truckers Need Help to Deliver Life's Essentials During COVID-19

Louisiana Trucking Industry Feels the Affects of the Coronavirus

BATON ROUGE, La., Thursday, Mar. 19, 2020 – As the State endures the COVID-19 crisis, Louisiana trucking companies are working around the clock to provide essential supplies to medical facilities, retail stores, plants, and homes. Today, the Louisiana Motor Transport Association is seeking assistance in maintaining these essential services.

"In crisis, the people of Louisiana can take comfort in knowing that thousands of Louisiana truck drivers are working hard to maintain the supply chain," said LMTA Executive Director Chance McNeely. "We are experiencing challenges, though, and we need support from governments, businesses, and the public in order to keep doing our job."

As governments place restrictions on businesses and people, it is becoming more difficult for the truck driver who needs food, parking and restroom facilities along Louisiana's highways.

"We know everyone is hurting during this time and also rightfully trying to comply with government orders. We are asking that restaurants think outside the box on how they could provide services to our truck drivers, rather than turning them away," said McNeely.

The trucking industry is thankful for the truck stop and rest area staffs and leadership who remain open for its drivers. If you or your business has the ability to provide services to our drivers during this time, please email lmta@lmta.la to let us know so we can steer drivers your direction.

"We are thankful that both the state and federal governments continue to provide regulatory relief so that we can meet the needs of the supply chain. What we need right now is support for our drivers who are on the road," said McNeely.

If you would like to contact the Louisiana Motor Transport Association, please email lmta@lmta.la. LMTA has also created a web-page with trucking resources related to COVID-19 that can be accessed by visiting www.lmta.la, including information on aforementioned regulatory relief.

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Allison Strahan
Communications Coordinator