Resources Provided by the LMTA

The LMTA has created District Profile Informational Guides for the 2020 Legislative Session

These one-page guides provide valuable insight into how the trucking industry delivers for legislative districts in our state. District Profile Information Guides are specifically tailored to both Louisiana Representatives and Senators by districts.

View your representatives' guide below, sorted by district. Not sure of your district? Please use the following guides to find your representative and districts by Parish: 

  • Louisiana House of Representatives
  • Louisiana Senate
  • Representatives By District

  • District 1: Danny McCormick
  • District 2: Sam Jenkins
  • District 3: Tammy T. Phelps
  • District 4: Cedric Glover
  • District 5: Alan Seabaugh
  • District 6: Thomas Alexander Pressly IV
  • District 7: Larry Bagley
  • District 8: Raymond J. Crews
  • District 9: Dodie Horton
  • District 10: Wayne McMahen
  • District 11: Patrick O. Jefferson
  • District 12: Christopher Turner
  • District 13: Jack McFarland
  • District 14: Michael Charles Echols
  • District 15: Foy Bryan Gadberry
  • District 16: Frederick Douglass Jones
  • District 17: Pat Moore
  • District 18: Jeremy LaCombe
  • District 19: Francis C. Thompson
  • District 20: Neil Riser
  • District 21: C. Travis Johnson
  • District 22: Michael "Gabe" Firment
  • District 23: Kenny R. Cox
  • District 24: Rodney Wayne Schamerhorn
  • District 25: Lance Harris
  • District 26: Ed Larvadain III
  • District 27: Mike Johnson
  • District 28: Daryl Andrew Deshotel
  • District 29: Edmond Jordan
  • District 30: Charles Anthony Owen
  • District 31: Jonathan Goudeau I
  • District 32: R. Dewith Carrier
  • District 33: Les Farnum
  • District 34: Wilford Dan Carter, Sr.
  • District 35: Stephen Dwight
  • District 36: Phillip Eric Tarver
  • District 37: Troy D. Romero
  • District 38: Rhonda Gaye Butler
  • District 39: Julie Emerson
  • District 40: Dustin Miller
  • District 41: Phillip DeVillier
  • District 42: John M. Stefanski
  • District 43: Stuart J. Bishop
  • District 44: Vincent J. Pierre
  • District 45: Jean-Paul Coussan
  • District 46: Mike Huval
  • District 47: Ryan Bourriaque
  • District 48: Gerald Alphonse Beaullieu IV
  • District 49: Blake Miguez
  • District 50: Vincent "Vinney" J. St. Blanc III
  • District 51: Beryl Amedée
  • District 52: Jerome Zeringue
  • District 53: Tanner Magee
  • District 54: Reggie Paul Bagala
  • District 55: Bryan Fontenot
  • District 56: Gregory A. Miller
  • District 57: Randal L. Gaines
  • District 58: Ken Brass
  • District 59: Tony Bacala
  • District 60: Chad Brown
  • District 61: C. Denise Marcelle
  • District 62: Roy Daryl Adams
  • District 63: Barbara Carpenter
  • District 64: Valarie Hodges
  • District 65: Barry Ivey
  • District 66: Rick Edmonds
  • District 67: Larry Selders
  • District 68: Markham Scott McKnight
  • District 69: Paula Davis
  • District 70: Barbara Reich Freiberg
  • District 71: Buddy Mincey, Jr.
  • District 72: Robby Carter
  • District 73: William "Bill" Wheat Jr.
  • District 74: Lawrence "Larry" Frieman
  • District 75: Malinda White
  • District 76: Robert "Bob" Stanford Owen
  • District 77: Mark Wright
  • District 78: John R. Illg Jr.
  • District 79: Debbie Villio
  • District 80: Polly Thomas
  • District 81: Clay Schexnayder
  • District 82: Charles Alexander Henry
  • District 83: Kyle M.Green Jr.
  • District 84: Timothy P. Kerner
  • District 85: Joseph A. Marino III
  • District 86: Nicholas Muscarello
  • District 87: Rodney Lyons
  • District 88: Kathy Edmonston
  • District 89: Richard James Nelson
  • District 90: Mary DuBuisson
  • District 91: Mandie Landry
  • District 92: Joseph A. Stagni
  • District 93: Royce Duplessis
  • District 94: Stephanie Hilferty
  • District 95: Sherman Q. Mack
  • District 96: Marcus Anthony Bryant
  • District 97: Matthew Willard
  • District 98: Aimee Adatto Freeman
  • District 99: Candace N. Newell
  • District 100: Jason Hughes
  • District 101: Edward C. "Ted" James
  • District 102: Gary Carter
  • District 103: Raymond E. Garofalo
  • District 104: Paul Hollis
  • District 105: Mack Marcel Cormier

  • Tips on Communicating with Officials:

    It's always good to start by asking the question, "Who represents me?" The answer to that question can be found by using this online form at the Louisiana Legislature's website.

    Each of the individuals listed will be live links you can use to get email addresses, phone numbers and mailing information. 

    You will note, however that the information provided only references your personal state and federal officials. To get representation for your business, simply use that address in the same form. (At the bottom of this page, look for additional links to get information on other public officials.)

    Now that you've got your delegation information, use our tips below to start communicating with them on issues important to you, your business and the trucking industry.

    Louisiana Representatives

    To have messages delivered to legislators in Baton Rouge, or contact them at their desks, phone:

    HOUSE: 225-342-6945
    Fax: 225-342-8336
    Website: www.house.la.gov

    SENATE: 225-342-2040
    Fax: 225-342-0617
    Website: www.senate.la.gov

    To write to legislators at the state capitol:

    The Honorable John Doe
    Senate Office
    P O Box 94183
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804

    The Honorable John Doe
    Speaker’s Office
    P O Box 94062
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804

    A Louisiana senator should be addressed as “Senator” and a representative, as “Representative”. A person’s name and address should be clearly stated in the letter if a reply or contact from a legislator is expected. It is also helpful to cite the specific proposals of concern, by bill number if possible.

    Members of Congress

    When communicating with members of Congress, use these recommended forms of Salutation:
    Dear Senator _______ or;
    Dear Congressman _______ or
    Congresswoman _______.

    NOTE: When writing to the Chair of a Committee or the Speaker of the House, it is proper to address them as:

    Dear Mr. Chairman or
    Madam Chairwoman:
    or Dear Mr. Speaker:

    Addressing Correspondence to members of Congress:

    To a Senator:
    The Honorable (insert name)
    United States Senate
    Washington, D.C. 20510

    To a Member of the House:
    The Honorable (insert name)
    U.S. House of Representatives
    Washington, D.C. 20515

    Tips for Writing to Legislators:

    1. Use personal or business stationery with a return address; and, if you are a constituent, inform the Member of this fact.

    2. The purpose of your letter should be clearly stated in the first paragraph. When the letter pertains to a specific piece of legislation, identify it. (House bill: H.R. ______, Senate bill: S._______).

    3. Be factual and direct. Making your point in one page is desirable.

    4. Whenever possible, include data and sources of information to support your position.

    REMEMBER! Government officials work for you. Members and their staffs are strongly influenced by the correspondence they receive, so maintain a positive attitude throughout the letter.

    Expand the People You Communicate with!

    Please Explore the Following Links:

    For a full list of the Louisiana Congressional delegation, click here.
    To search for specific pending legislation, visit www.congress.gov.

    To get information about the Louisiana Legislature – specific legislation, committee hearings, etc. go to the Louisiana Legislature’s website: www.legis.la.gov.
    Contact information for all Louisiana Senators can be obtained by visiting: www.senate.la.gov. A full list of State Senators is here.
    Contact information for all Louisiana Representatives can be obtained by visiting: www.house.la.gov. A full list of State Representatives is here.

    PARISH and LOCAL information is sometimes harder to come by, because not all local governments maintain websites. Here are some resources to try:
    The Louisiana Municipal Association offers a searchable form which is useful for looking up local cities and towns.
    The Louisiana Police Jury Association maintains contact information for each parish.
    The Louisiana Sheriffs' Association also provides a web page of Sheriffs by parish.
    The Louisiana District Attorneys Association has an interactive state map to help you locate DAs around Louisiana.